by Paul Tofan

FXBITS in top 7% by Pangea

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Transylvania, Romania, 2nd of September 2021 - FXBITS becomes part of a fantastic ecosystem at Being vetted as part of an elite community of software engineering teams spurs our competitiveness with the best in class.

The identity crisis

It all started with a few people feeling the Sunday Dread and being close enough to talk about it over the water cooler. That is when FXBITS was born, as a mission to deliver Flexible, Better IT Services. We felt that if we build it, they will come - both our colleagues and our clients.

After 3 years of activity and introspective plan-do-check-act cycles, we wanted to see whether we were true to our mission. The problem was that it’s always difficult to take time from what you're doing and see whether you`re doing the right thing and if you’re doing it right.

We`ve learned about from a local competitor and intuitively sensed it could be a great learning event. The tipping point was the interview with Keilian, the platform co-founder. Finally, there was a man who had a problem, and did not settle solving it for himself, but created a solution for others too. It was the confirmation that people like us do things like this.

The Learning Journey

The independent verification process from Pangea lasted 6 weeks and was a great opportunity to get a 360 degrees evaluation - from the organizational mapping to the deep dive on topics such as business strategy, culture, technology, recruitment & HR, project metrics, and more. Having constant feedback about the progress was a great thing - it kept us on track and motivated.

We've learned a lot both from our customer insights as well as our team members who felt a renewed energy to contribute with improvement ideas. I guess that is what happens when you`re competing with the best, and you put yourself in the spotlight; you can’t fall short.

"I get a good energy boost every morning I arrive at the office; we really are a team!" - Bogdan Terec, Software Engineer at FXBITS.

We realized that our strength, having very good seniority with 7+ years in average, is limited by our size, of 20 strong. Therefore, we are carefully considering each assignment and commit to those where we can bring an outstanding contribution to the end goal.

"With FXBITS we found a partner that solved the challenges of adding well-experienced and committed people to our teams. We always work at eye level and in true partnership and not just as clients with suppliers. Again and again with pleasure! Gr8 Job!" - Markus Mann, Project Manager

The look and feel of a winning team

Where do we go from here?

Having a client score of 9.6 and team health of 9.2 really puts a lot of pressure on delivering a great experience to all colleagues and clients alike. So, moving forward, we will face the challenge of keeping this great culture while growing our capability to work with more people like us who really care about making a change.

We anticipate investing further into our capabilities, processes, and infrastructure to offer what we set up to do: "Flexible, Better IT Services". Our story will unfold further on FXBITS Pangea Profile.

Keep close; we’re building IT together!

FXBITS team, looking towards new horizons