Welcome to the team!

We’re beyond thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to see the fantastic things we’ll achieve together.

Inside the box you've received, you’ll find a little something to kickstart your adventure here. But before you dive in, let’s share a few "House Rules" to keep our space as awesome as our team:

House Rules
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Coffee Machine Vigilantes

If you spot the red LED of doom on our beloved coffee machine, consider it your superhero moment. Whether it's thirsting for water, choked on coffee grounds, or out of coffee, your mission is to bring it back to life. We run on code and caffeine here!

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Remote Rendezvous Rule

Embracing the remote life more than 2 days a week? Your desk plays musical chairs. On your office days, snag any desk that's free and not claimed by our more frequent office adventurers. It’s our little version of finders, keepers!

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Dish Disappear Act

Used something? Let it vanish into the dishwasher. Full? Hit 'start' and poof! Cleanliness ensues. Let’s keep it magical, not messy!

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Only TP in the WC

Our plumbing is not a fan of surprises. Toilet paper only, please. Everything else is a no-go.

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Lunchtime Lost & Found

Left something in the lunch area after hours? It might embark on an adventure into the unknown (a.k.a. someone’s stomach). Consider this the Bermuda Triangle of leftovers.

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Lock and Load

If you’re the last one out, treat the door like your personal diary: lock it up tight.

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Eco-Friendly Encore

In the lunch area, we're all about that recycle life. Waste, paper, and plastic/metal each have their own spot. Let’s keep our space not just clean, but green!

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The 6-Pack Pact

Should you go from intern to in-team, mark your first official day by bringing a 6-pack. Beer, root beer, whatever floats the team's boat.

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Green Thumbs Up

If you see a plant looking a bit down, give it a drink. We like our plants like our ideas: green and growing.

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Pet Parade

We're a pet-friendly zone! Feel free to bring your dog, cat, hamster, or any pet to the office. Just make sure to clean up after them. We're here to ensure they're fluffed, loved, and adored by all!

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Parking Scramble

Grab one of the 2 spots on a "first come, first serve" basis—but let's not turn it into an overnight stay, unless you've got no choice. Extra spots lurk behind the office and around the block. Let's keep the parking dance fair and square!

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Heater Heroics

In the chill of winter, our terrace heater keeps the frost at bay. But when you're heading back in, flip it off. Let's keep our warmth eco-friendly!

That's it!

And that’s the grand tour of our house rules! Remember, these guidelines are here to ensure our office remains a vibrant, welcoming, and productive space for everyone. We believe in fostering a culture where learning, collaboration, and fun go hand in hand.

If you have any questions, doubts, or just need a friendly chat about anything, don't hesitate to reach out. Our doors (and inboxes) are always open for you. Let's make this journey memorable together!

Looking forward to all the incredible things we'll achieve as a team. Welcome aboard!