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IoT projects and AI at the edge

Created by Paul Tofan - 21 Feb 2020

With IoT becoming a global phenomenon, the interest in 5G and low-power wide-area networks known (aka LPWAN) is growing exponentially. They both cover long distances and are expected to drive IoT in various applications from smart factories to smart cities. While the rollout of the 5G infrastructure is still going on, there are solutions that do not need the ultra-high-speed and can benefit from solutions built on top of LPWAN.
So we went to #TheThingsConference on 30-31 Jan in Amsterdam to find out more.
Read along to find out more about: Lora as the connectivity leader in LPWAN, it's the application in IoT projects and where you could start from, how tinyML and AI at the edge can make a difference for you.

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Created by Alexandru Pirvu - 29 Nov 2019